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Dr.Keily Matos, N.D.

Founder & Administrator

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine & Biologist

Licensed and Certified through the AANMC
(Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges), and NABNE
(North American Board Naturopathic Examiners).

Lavanda Team Members

Business Administrator

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Our Doctors: Resources


Excelling health professionals dedicated to your wellness journey.

Award Winning Company

Lavanda Holistic Clinic was selected as 1st place, Health Innovation and True Self awardee. More than $52,000 in seed capital was acquired by Grupo Guayacan's EnterPRize 2023 Business Competition.

Recognized by prominent judges and institutions that impulse the entrepenurial environment including Grupo Guayacán, MCS Foundation and True Self Foundation.

Supporting Ecosystem

Entities that applaud for our best success. 

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"Innovación en Salud"

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Recently Awarded

Excellence Innovation Award 2024

Where are we now? 

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